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it’s 2014 can people stop hating raoul de chagny now

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love it when mutuals i don’t really talk to reblog one of my posts it’s like hell yeah. glad you liked that. please don’t leave me.

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Happy Phorth of July!  (From POTO Broadway Facebook Page)

What even the … what? Somebody save them from themselves. :/

Been there, done that. Bought the T-shirt.

The friendzone and the entitlement it represents are a constant topic of discussion in the feminist community. This mentality presumes that men are entitled to women’s attention, and it also paints the rejected men as the victims instead of sympathizing with the put-upon women. They were Nice Guys, after all, why didn’t women reward their kindness with sex?
I recently had the tremendous pleasure to see Norm Lewis as the titular Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, and, well, the performance was spectacular. But it also got me thinking about the way that the tragedy of the Nice Guy is often an implicit part of theatrical romances. And while at first I thought that these narratives vindicated the Nice Guy struggle, I actually realized that theatre is a great place to go to see Nice Guys laid low.
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flying to calgary tomorrow so i’m gonna go to bed

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