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I love this so much.
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Modern Day Phantom: Autumn Aminta
You probably remember that I’ve done a Modern Day Aminta before, and I think we can pretty safely consider that the summer edition. 
Anyways, fall was rolling around. Trench coat whether is in the air (and you know how much I love a good trench coat) so I started thinking about how the original costume is very much a bolero/overdress closed over a corset and petticoat and how that might translate to a coat/dress combo in a modern day setting. The only thing is that I might have misjudged how a double-breasted coat hangs when unbuttoned and I’m just going to leave it at that.
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TITLE:  UnknownClaire Moore's Cadenza
ARTIST:  Unknown Claire Moore
PLAYS:  Unknown718
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Another picture of Georgia Ware as Meg, preparing for her first cover run in London tomorrow!

Modern AU: Dev Patel as Raoul and Holliday Grainger as Christine

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