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well guys i’d love to stay up and nightblog ‘till i’m incoherant but i have a plane to catch tomorrow, phantom to see, and a shower and two scenes to be done by the end of the night.

and i have to pack.


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Huge cheers to Nick Spangler, former swing and current Elder Neeley, who went on as Elder McKinley at last night’s understudy-palooza performance on Broadway (April 15, 2014). It was his first time — and even more incredibly, not a role he has ever covered. Congratulations, Nick!
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Clair Lyon’s cape selfie


Dream duo alert!

Lauri Brons and David Arnsperger (Hamburg alternates) are also participating: "Great news! On Friday 18th of April 2014 I will sing Chrstine Daaé during the ‘Golden Mask Theatre Awards’ in the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow! This event is an annual awards ceremony for the very best of theatre in Russia and we will be promoting a new production of Phantom of the Opera in the Russian capital!
I will sing this concert together with my Phantom from Hamburg, David Arnsperger, along with our colleagues from the London and Moscow productions of “The Phantom of the Opera”!”
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Ramin needs to seriously calm down with this theatre etiquette stuff… It is starting to be borderline unprofessional on his part.




If someone wants to waste $100+ bucks by being on their cellphone thats their prerogative. But there are 100s there to enjoy a great show. You have to ignore the one annoyance and remember the full on adoring crowd.

(Plus, dont ditch your fans at the stage door) Everyone I know who has seen it says he’ll come out and sprint down the sidewalk without a second glance.)

I love you Ramin, but come on. Gotta respect the audience and fans if you want to continue on this amazing career!

How dare an actor take a few seconds to silently make a point about an ongoing problem in the theatre while also not fulfilling a non-existent obligation to pose for pictures and sign autographs before he goes home that has nothing to do with the amount of respect he has for fans!

Not to mention that he’s known for stage dooring for his fans, and has always tweeted if he can’t, lately because his son is with him and he doesn’t want to subject him to the craziness of the stage door.

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